Benjamin Busch presents BRIGHT, his award-winning narrative short film (40 minutes)
with remarks and Q&A

Written, Directed and Produced by Benjamin Busch
Benjamin Busch is a decorated US Marine Corps Infantry Officer who served two combat tours of duty in Iraq and is an award-winning film director, writer, photographer and actor whose many roles have included Officer Anthony Colicchio on the HBO series The Wire.

College of Lake County, 19351 W. Washington St., Room C002 A and B, Grayslake, IL
Wednesday, September 16, 2PM, FREE

Waukegan Public Library, 128 N. County St, Waukegan, IL
Friday, September 18, 4:30PM, FREE

BRIGHT carries us into the life of Troy, played by Eric Nenninger (Malcolm in the Middle, Generation Kill, Glory Daze), a character who has built a world to protect himself from a paralyzing fear, and is encouraged to become brave by his blind adopted father Irwin, played by Robert Wisdom (The Wire, Prison Break, Burn Notice). It is a story that we can all live in. The cast is a stunning collection of actors to include Emmy Award Winner Glynn Turman (The Wire, In Treatment), Andre Royo (The Wire), Barry Kramer (Seinfeld), and Marc Menchaca (Generation Kill). BRIGHT is a contemplative film built for interpretation on several levels: that of a simple human drama, as a metaphor for the impossible search for childhood, as a metaphor for a spiritual journey, and as a story about the conflict between the natural and the artificial. The dialog is carefully crafted, sometimes cryptic, and there is weighed symbolism in every frame. The film plays against the bias of sex, dissolves race, and refuses to answer questions. It restores wonder to the film experience. Edited to move at the pace of real thought, it was made for an intelligent viewer to experience and go home discussing. It also happens to be beautiful. Made for $10,000 and shot in five days, it is a film created in the truest independent spirit.

“BRIGHT is a still-life painting brought to life. It is exquisitely shot, lovingly paced. The intense emotions play delicately on the faces of the actors, building to a subtle, well-earned catharsis. BRIGHT is art.”
-Ed Burns, Writer/Executive Producer – HBO’s The Wire, and Generation Kill

“Seeing BRIGHT, from this extraordinary young filmmaker, reminds us all of what movies can be: that they can be poetry, and that they can mesmerize us with their intelligence and beauty, as they render the dreams and yearnings of real people: in short, that they put the power and meaning of lived lives on the screen. The performances are perfect, the camera is alive with feeling: This isn’t just the exciting arrival in our midst of a new writer-director, it’s a call-to-arms, to make film significant again.”
—screenwriter John Romano: The Lincoln Lawyer, American Dreams (TV), Hill Street Blues (TV)