Urban Edge Gallery, 220 W. Clayton Street, Waukegan
9/17 – 11/5, Thursdays – Saturdays, NOON – 8PM, FREE


The Waukegan Arts Council is proud to present the exhibit titled “Bridging Communities: A Visual Perspective” featuring three extraordinary artists who examine what heritage and culture and diversity mean in today’s increasingly stratified world.


Esperanza Gama

Artist Esperanza Gama

Esperanza Gama was born and educated in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She received her BFA from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Gama later moved to Paris, France where she studied printmaking at the Ecole Beaux-Arts. She also studied Chinese painting at the Gakukai Sumie Center in Tokyo. Her drawings, paintings, etchings and installations have been shown in numerous solo and joint exhibitions throughout the U.S., Mexico, and several other countries.

In 2005 Gama was featured in Poetas y Pintores, a traveling exhibition featuring contemporary Latino art and poetry. In 2006, she became the first Latina to exhibit at the Union League Club Gallery of Chicago. On exhibit was the series Los Magicos.  In the same year Gama had an installation at the Snite Museum of Art at the University of Notre Dame as part of a national conference on Catholicism: Guadalupe, Madre de America: Narrative, Image, and Devotion. In 2007 her piece Frida was displayed in a special exhibition in Mexico City honoring the 100th anniversary of Frida Kahlo’s birth. Also in 2007 Gama’s piece Sor Juana was part of the Dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead: A New Beginning exhibition. Sor Juana was also exhibited in 2008 at the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. In 2008 her work was included in an exhibition called Catholicism in the City at the Chicago History Museum. Her work is also shown in and collected by the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago, considered the most important museum of Mexican Art in the United States. Her work is in their permanent collection. She also has work in the permanent collection of the Snite Museum of Art. Gama’s work was included in the exhibition Soldaderas y Adelitas at Women Made Gallery in Chicago in 2010. In 2012 Gama was featured in a joint show at Galeria 147 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Artist Esperanza Gama

Her work is published in important surveys of Latino and Chicano art, such as Contemporary Chicana and Chicano Art, 2002, and Chicano Art for our Millennium, 2004, both published by Arizona State University. She has been the recipient of several awards and grants among them the Sor Juana Achievement Award for Visual Arts (2003, Chicago, National Museum of Mexican Arts), Illinois Arts Council Partial Support Grants (2005, Chicago), and an International Artists Residency Program Grant (Guadalajara, Mexico, 2007). Gama has lived and worked in Chicago since 1994.

Gama’s artwork on exhibit at Urban Edge will include more than a dozen etchings and paintings using pigment and gold leaf on traditional, richly textured amate (bark) paper from Mexico, as well as a series of ceramic dresses reflecting her cultural heritage.

“Esperanza Gama is as good an artist as anyone we have in our community… and she is the best woman artist in our community right now.” – Carlos Tortolero, National Museum of Mexican Art 


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Terry Dixon

Artist Terry DixonArtist Terry Dixon is a very unique artist who has had the opportunity to be featured on the front cover of the International Review of African American Art, 2009, and was selected as one of the next artists to collect in BusinessWeek magazine in the May 2005 article “Photography’s Golden Age”. Dixon is noted for juxtaposing photographic images with his abstract paintings.

Dixon is a native of Washington, DC, and lives and works in the Chicago area. He was born of the arts. As Dixon grew up, he was given the opportunity to explore the visual arts through his parents. His mother was an aspiring painter and his father was an advertising director, so he was destined for creativity.

Artist Terry Dixon "Sharecroppers" Mixed Media Copyright 2011
Terry Dixon “Sharecroppers” Mixed Media
Copyright 2011

Over the years Dixon has composed new art perspectives by integrating various visual art techniques through painting, photography, computer art, video, and electronic music.


In the mid 90’s, he earned an MFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, completing the Art & Technology program. As he learned the skills of combining technology with art, he created a unique style and signatute within his work.

Throughout his body of work, Dixon explores kinetic connections with his abstract line style. His painting style is sometimes aggressive and sporadic and then slows down to a smooth sense of control.

His imagery reflects a heavy influence of African Symbolism, Abstract Expressionism, and this is all fueled by his passion for jazz and electronic music.

“My work has taken on a life of it’s own through the abstract kinetic lines that move to a mental rhythm as they flow from my hand. Every line, paint stroke, is a free flowing idea that is deeply rooted in sight and sound. My art is also influenced by political issues, society, various free flowing ideas, and the backbone element of my art is fueled from the ‘Free Jazz Style’ prevelent in the 1950’s to the 1970’s. As I listen to deep bass cords, drum beats, and harsh trumpet notes, I explore my intuitive approach and express my artistic style through rhythm of sound.” -Terry Dixon

Artist Terry Dixon "Man With Hammer" Mixed Media Copyright 2011
Terry Dixon “Man With Hammer” Mixed Media
Copyright 2011

Some of Dixon’s work explores different parts of the human face, and body, and abstracted in various ways that pull the viewer deeper into his creations. Certain pieces are influenced by interactions with society and political issues while others are free flowing ideas that move to the mental rhythm of his creativity.

His imagery has been noted to be complex and somewhat musical in its flow across the surface of his creations. Dixon’s mind travels across a vivid color palette in the execution of his paint strokes and then fuses black ink and abstract lines over the surface to jolt the viewer’s eye into many different angles across the canvas.

Terry Dixon began exhibiting in the early 90’s while living in Atlanta, and now has been exhibiting his work in Chicago since 2000. Dixon landed on the art scene in Chicago, at BAREWALLS 2000, a live art exhibition coordinated by the School of The Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions. His works are owned by private collectors in the United States, Europe and a part of the very prestigious Sandor Collection in Chicago.


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David Dallison

David DallisonPainter David E. Dallison is a painting pilgrim of the world. In the last twenty-five years he has explored and painted the people and landscapes of over twenty countries including Italy, Turkey, Slovenia, Nepal, Indonesia, and Cambodia. His paintings narrate the stories of his travels and celebrate the many diverse cultures of the world.

Home Boats ChauDavid could be considered an ‘old school’ painter. By traveling near and far he searches for locations where he can paint plein air (working on location in outdoor light). His work is created on the spot that he stands. By necessity he must travel light so he uses a compact box that protects his paper and paint from the elements. This box converts into an easel allowing him to travel to any spot to create. The style hearkens back to many painters in the second half of the 19th century and early 20th century, but is not frequently used now. The style has afforded him the opportunity to paint in so many rich locations.


“My trips are a pilgrimage of sorts, in the spirit of bygone days when painters traveled near and far in search of the extraordinary.” -David Dallison

David’s artistic identity is connected to his close family. One of four children, his parents emigrated from England to America in 1954. His father, Ken Dallison, has also achieved success as an illustrator and artist. His younger brother Peter also works full-time as an artist in New Jersey.

David’s most recent series includes sixty watercolors created over two months in the southern state of Kerala in India. He was awarded the Best of Show for Watercolor at this year’s Art Fair on the Square in Belleville, IL, the #1 ranked art fair in America.

morning-chai-2David has studied at the Art institute of Chicago and has a degree from the Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Canada. He currently lives with his wife, Lee, and his son, Kobi, in Waukegan. His fine art can be found in numerous corporate and private collections as well as local and international exhibits. In addition, he has painted over 2000 commissioned paintings. He teaches at the Chicago Botanical Gardens, the Deerpath Art League in Lake Forest, IL, and The Art Center in Highland Park, IL. You can also find his work in his an in-house gallery by appointment.

“Hopper was so much about being able to catch the light. The essence of my work, on a visual level, is about the light. When I am trying to find a scene, the light is the starting point.” – David Dallison